What We Offer

Digital Data Management

Variac Systems specialize in providing solutions for processing Digital Data originating from documents, drawings, geospatial maps or just plain images.

GIS & Geospatial Data

Variac offers solutions towards creating a complete spatial map database that conform to the specifications, requirements and format of the customer.

Document Management

Document and Drawing Management Services (DDMS) is a value added solution offered by Variac Systems to handle the large number of documents and drawings existing in an office.

Engineering CAD

Variac’s engineering services centre around the area of Engineering Drawing Management. Variac offers its expertise towards creating, customizing, designing, storing and maintaining engineering data in 2D and 3D.

IT Enabled Services

Under the broad domain of ITES, Variac Systems offer specialized services such as data capture, imaging, drone based inspection, etc as well as software development for these tasks.