Document Management

Document and Drawing Management Services (DDMS) is a value added solution offered by Variac Systems to handle the large number of documents and drawings existing in an office. Through this service, Variac Systems tries to streamline the workflow involved in maintaining, storing (archiving) and retrieving the large volume of data in an office. This is achieved via a range of services involving digitizing & scanning of documents and drawings, raster handling, vector conversion, redrafting, indexing, data uploading, etc.

1. Digital Data Services which are oriented towards the handling and processing of drawings, documents, images, forms, etc.
2. Specialization in the capture, processing and archiving (storage) of digitized data.
3. High volume scanning of documents of A4 size to A0 size
4. Scanning of micro films, books, and other media
5. Indexing of scanned documents for easy access and for quick retrieval
6. Archiving of digitized data into various formats such as pdf, html, etc
7. Conversion of scanned data into word, excel and other formats

8. Scanning of old manuscripts and historical books using state of art book scanners

9. Selective processing of digital data for custom applications.