CAD Engineering

Our experience covers the various facets of engineering disciplines including mechanical, civil & structural, electrical and architectural. Our personnel bring in a combined experience of over 50 years in various CAD disciplines. Customized tools and methodology have been developed in house for handling different types of engineering data. Exposure to projects from different countries has given us the ability to understand and experience the different CAD standards and specifications that are adopted by each of our customers.

Our Expertise

1. Data Migration: Scanning, archiving & indexing of paper drawings into pdf format.

2. Editing, cleanup and indexing of digitized drawings for archiving and plotting.

3. Digitizing of drawings from hard copy to CAD files in various formats.

4. Creating design changes from existing drawings to develop new versions

5. Data capture from drawings into excel spreadsheet

6. Conversion of data from 2D to 3D or different CAD file formats.

7. Developing 3D models from 2D drawings

8. Creating animation and walk throughs from the 3D models.

9. Field verification of as existing conditions (“As builts”)

10.  Reproduction of Architectural Floor plans and elevations

11. Gathering building and property information for BIM

12. Surveying and reproducing workplace assets (furniture and equipment)